Sure has been alot of coverage of school safety as we get our kids ready to head back to class.  Yesterday Ohio AG Mike DeWine commented that some Ohio school's safety plans are basically worthless.  Yesterday, Ken Stevens reported on a Cleveland company that is making a whiteboard that is bulletproof... your kids put it in their backpack so when they're running away from a shooter their core will be protected from bullets.

I get it... we all care about our kids and are so concerned about the potential for a shooter that we'd do just about anything.  Newtown still lingers in a lot of parents minds, but I just can't buy into it all.  Statistically, there is almost no chance that your or my child will ever be in that situation.  In fact, our kids are much more likely to be injured on the way into school or home than they are in the classroom.  Sports injuries are also very prevalent.  And isn't it cusious that so much of the planning put forth has to do with reaction to a shooter than prevention?  I know we can't predict all the eventualities, but I think a wise man once said 'The best defense is a solid offense.'  Seems to me that if we as parents spend time packing a nutritious lunch, making sure our little buggers are on time, and that there's guidance on homework, a gigantic portion of our kids will be just fine.