Big thanks to Matt McCoy for covering the show while I was away... 

Like alot of people on a holiday weekend, I was fairly busy.  My son and I volunteered at the Utica Food Bank Thursday.  It was a very pleasant experience.  For a small town, the resources for fairly impressive.  There was actually plenty of volunteers, so many so that a couple of the regulars commented that we might actually be getting in the way!  All in all, families in need were helped and virtually all seemed very appreicative.  I hope my son's eyes were opened to needs around him and maybe he's more aware of how good he has it.

We spent time at church on Thursday evening.  Our little community was hit hard over the past week with one death and cancer scares, but there was still Easter joy to pass around.

My son and I just goofed off on Friday.  He said he was in the mood for a movie and since my folks had already taken him to see 'The Croods' earlier in the week, we opted for DVD rental.  He picked 'Megamind' and a semi scary one called 'Apollo 18'.  It was supposed to be NASA footage of a moon shot that no one is supposed to know about.  We watched it during the day, so any real scary effect was lost, but it really was pretty lame.

I was invited to particiapte in an Eagle Scout ceremony Saturday.  The young man is in my son's troop and he really is a quality guy.  Most of the troop leaders participated with readings and insight into the Scouts and the young man himself.  I had the pleasure to bring David in front of the crowd and asked him to recall some of the trip and triumphs of his Scouting and it caused me to consider just how much work he'd done.  I think we all get so caught up in the bad news of the day, that we don't realize there are still quality kids turning into adults and David is certainly one of them.  I especially enjoyed his parents comments.  His mom talked of the times David was gone... you know room cleaning and chick flicks and the like... but also of her pleasure at his progress and growth.  David's father, who's been a leaader in the troop for several years, recounted some accomplishments as well, and also read from the original Scout Handbook from 1911.  I found it interesting because it told of chivalry... a concept that frankly is missing in much of society today.  Yeah, I know I'm a dinosaur, but I enjoyed hearing that and the fact that David's dad thought it worthy of mention.  Scouting has it's issues for sure, but there's no reason to quit trying to instill values in our young men with the hope that they can continue to look out for opportunities to lead by example.  I really hope my son heard that info and will strive to live by it.  It's always nice to be asked to participate in a young person's life, but to be exposed to such a quality family and see such great success goes beyond that.  Congrats to David and his family for all.

Don't know if you heard the Lt. Governor on this morning, but Mary Taylor did offer sobering info... all our insurance premuims are going up next year... to the tune of 80%.  Because we have such great competition, we enjoy excellent rates right now, but next year the situation changes dramatically.  If you missed the conversation, chheck it out on the podcast page.