I know there will be plenty of problems on the roads this morning... my experience was wet surfaces to slushy in spots, but no real problems... and I think it's because so many forecasters spend so much time trying to make things appear worse than they are.  Just like with court cases where we hear things like 'up to 5 years in prison and $10,000 fine', we get comments like 'up to 6 inches of snow'.  I think most folks only hear the high end because that's what gets people talking.  I know the weather people and our traffic reporter will talk about slippery spots and to be careful and while that's all good, it really is self fulfilling prophecy.  I drove in with little to no impact on my speed and handling.  I do not drive a high performance car, but it handled just fine on the wet roads and even dealt ok with the occassional slushy spot.  I think alot of media folks think they have to scare people to do their job and I am absolutely against it.  I'm certainly not saying you should drive with abondon this morning, but understand that the raod surfaces were warm from the last couple of days of sun, crews were out to pretreat, and the surrent temperature is right around freezing.  The products we use now are good down to 19 degrees, so I think it can handle a few inches of snow, especially the wet stuff we're getting this morning.

I will say kudos to all the drivers with plows on their trucks.  I saw loads of them out plowing driveways and parking lots and I think that's not only good for staffs that'll show up later, but for small business.  The guys we have at the radio station were out working and I did my part... I parked in the most remote spot I could so they could clear the lot to the best of the plowing ability.  I always try to give the workin' man his room!

Didn't see alot of traffic, but I think thats because of spring break.  I know my son is off this week and since we're between Palm Sunday and Easter, I would bet a bunch of other schools are off as well.  Another reason not to sweat driving quite as much this morning.

Having said all that, I'm ready for warmer weatherand golf season to begin.  I played a couple weeks back and hit it pretty ok, so I'm definitely ready to get back out there, but with snow stacking up, I'm not sure it's going to be this week.  I will be watching Tiger try to win at Bay Hill... terrible weather there yesterday postoned the tournament so it finishes today.  Golf Channel at 10a and while I doubt I'll get to it that early, I do plan to get on line so I can see Tiger charge.  If he wins, he'll become the world's number one golfer again, and that should mean a good healthy run for the sport this year.  The Masters will be fun to watch and since he loves Muirfield, Dublin should be hopin' during tournament week.