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Cultural Relativism is a Cancer

If Meat Eaters Acted Like Vegans

Grew up in Piqua, OH near Dayton. Graduated from Piqua High School in 2000. Took the old 6 year plan at Ohio State and then went to broadcasting school and somehow ended up at WTVN. I have been married to my beautiful, scientific wife Lauren since 2009 and we had the coolest little dude on the planet in the summer of 2014. Robert is the focus of my life and the motivation for all that I do. You may know me from the Corby Show, my work with the Best Buckeye Coverage team on OSU game days, host of the Sunday Sports Slam with my partner Jim Oswald that airs every Sunday night at 7, and multiple other roles as Executive Producer for WTVN. I'm always lurking here and you never know where I will pop up. My friends have been known to call me the most likable angry guy in Columbus. I think they sometimes mistake my passion for anger, but what do those idiots know. I have opinions. LOTS OF THEM. Some popular and some that make me a pariah with WTVN listeners. Hey, even if you hate me, at least you are paying attention to me, right? I'm an avid golfer, political junkie, copious beer drinker and a red blooded American man that always notices a lovely lady if she's in the area. I'm also stuck in professional sports hell as a die hard, kool-aid drinking Browns fan for over 30 years, along with my never ending loyalty to the Reds and Blue Jackets. WELCOME TO MY WORLD!


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