By Matt McCoy

The Indians lost 2-1 in 14 innings Thursday night in Kansas City. It's a game that has received lots of highlight love across the country for one unfortunate play that may well have cost the Tribe the game.

The Indians Ryan Rayburn--after making a sliding attempt to catch a flare to left field in the 8th inning--picked up the ball and in his attempt to throw it back into the infield, the ball slipped out of his hand, spiked on the ground, and rolled free in the outfield. Kansas City's Mike Moustakas, who hit the blooper, just kept running and scored a 'Bad News Bears' type home run, giving the Royals a 1-0 led. The Tribe would tie it in the ninth but eventually lost in the 14th inning. 

It's certainly a play you don't see every day---at least not at the big league level and it's sure to earn Rayburn a spot on ESPN's "Not Top 10" plays of the week.