By Matt McCoy

The retirement of Ohio State University President Dr. E. Gordon Gee drew reaction in the sports world. Gee's controversial comments at the December Ohio State Athletics Council meeting became public just six days ago. Gee denies that his jabs at Notre Dame, Roman Catholics, the Universities of Louisville and Kentucky, the Southeastern Conference, etc. had anything to do with his decision to retire. The perception, however, is that it did. 

"If you listen to the comments, it was off the cuff and in a joking manner," former Buckeye great and 1995 Heisman winner Eddie George told Fox Sports Primetime on our sister station, AM 1230, Fox Sports Radio. "But given his history, you just couldn't overlook it."

Gee was reprimanded by the Ohio State Board of Trustees for his comments, which is why former Buckeye coach and WTVN analyst Earle Bruce thinks it may be a retirement, in name only."

"(The Trustees) fire most of the football coaches, most of the athletic directors and most of the daggone President's too," Bruce said.

610 WTVN basketball analyst Tony White, who is an attorney, has worked alongside President Gee on the advisory board for the OSU Medical Center. He Gee is stepping aside because he no longer wants to be a distraction to Ohio State.

"He wants to put the interests of the University ahead of his own," White said. "The distraction and the swirl of all of this from a national basis, I think (made him) decide it was best for Ohio State that he step aside."

The entire interviews and reactions of George, Bruce and White are posted below.

Eddie George

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Earle Bruce

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Tony White

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