By Matt McCoy

Since it is officially Memorial Tournament week, I thought I'd share a couple of impressive golf videos.

Number one is from two time Masters champ Bubba Watson. Bubba has made his fair share of incredible shots, such as his playoff shot from the pine needles on the 10th hole at Augusta in 2012. Yes--that was really good...but maybe not as good as this.

Watson last week was playing putt-putt golf at Disney World when he took a video of himself sinking a hole in one, playing the course backwards. Check it out.  

Lucy Li At Age Eight

11-year old Lucy Li made news last week when she won a women's US Open qualifier in California becoming the youngest person ever to qualify for the Open. She's a tiny girl who hits the ball a long way...and she's been doing it for years.

I find this video remarkable. It's an instructional video featuring Lucy--at age 8--showing off her ability to drive the ball...again and again and again. Twenty times in all, one after another. Extraordinary.