By Matt McCoy

Jeff Rapp, Earle Bruce, Matt McCoy and Stan Jackson at Bucksline on Thursday 9-19

I've always felt that WTVN had the best and most loyal listeners on the planet and Thursday night I got my proof. 

If ever there was a week for our faithful Bucksline followers to check out and stay home, this was it. Ohio State is playing Florida A&M for heavens sake and is favored by more than 50 points...but you would not have known it at the Buffalo Wild Wings on Bethel Road. Like any other week, we had an enthusiastic full house, ready to talk Buckeyes, Kenny Guiton, Braxton Miller and more.

We had a special guest in hour number two, as former Buckeye player and assistant coach Glen Mason visited with us. Coach Mason, who had an excellent career with head coaching stints at Kent State, Kansas and Minnesota, will be doing the color commentary on the Big Ten network Saturday. It was a fun visit, as Coach Mason remembered his days coaching under our Earle Bruce and recruiting Stan Jackson. 

If you missed the show---check it out. 

To listen to hour number one of the Bucksline on 9-19-13 click here:

To listen to hour number two, which included our visit with Glen Mason, click here: