By Matt McCoy

The A.L.S Ice Bucket Challenge has swept the social media nation and now it has reached me. I was issued a challenge for a pair of listeners, Anne and Dave--and accepted.

The Ice Buckeye Challenge phenomenon has created an explosion in A.L.S awareness and donations. How wonderful.

I never had a chance to work with Sergeant Bob Douglas. He was WTVN's traffic reporter before I began working here in 1996. Sergeant Bob was a victim of A.L.S. It is a devastating disease that cripples the body, but not the mind. Most sports fans know of A.L.S as Lou Gehrig's Disease. The Yankee slugger was just 37 when he died.

The point is, the Ice Bucket Challenge is fun and is a Twitter and Facebook hit--but let's not forget what it is for. Whether you do the challenge or not, remember that you can help the cause by donating. It's easy. Just visit to donate.

I enjoyed doing it--and I issued a challenge myself to my family (and I have a big one)---as well as my Best Buckeye Coverage family, Earle Bruce, Stan Jackson, Dave Maetzold and Jeff Rapp. Guys--you're on the clock. 

Courage Like You've Never Seen It

On my Ice Bucket video, I mentioned former NFL players Steve Gleason and O.J. Brigance. If you don't know their stories, check them out here. I'm in awe of their courage.