By Matt McCoy

Ohio State product Evan Turner, the focal point of the major NBA trade last week, made his debut for Indiana and at least on Tuesday night, seemed to "fit in nicely", as the Indianapolis Star put it, as the Pacers beat the LA Lakers 118-98.

Turner, who was lowly Philadelphia's leading scorer at 17.4 points per game, did well in his new role as sixth man off the bench for the championship contending Pacers. He scored 13 points with six rebounds and two assists in 26 minutes. 

He was also received warmly by the Indiana fans, getting a standing ovation from some when he checked into the game.

"It was definitely cool because sometimes in Philly I would get booed," Turner said. "It felt great. Once you see the ball go in, you feel even better and that's what happened tonight."

Turner certainly had to feel better about being in a winning locker room. It was the first time he was part of a win in 28 days. He goes from the NBA's second worst team in Philadelphia, to the Pacers who currently own the best record in the league and are gearing up to challenge the two-time defending champion Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference playoffs. 

"Going out there pretty much and being able to play on a first place team, I feel like I helped the whole time," Turner said with a laugh. "But it's cool to be back in the Midwest and being close to home."

To hear Turner's comments on his first night as a Pacer, click here:

 Richards with Riley on Sochi and Blue Jackets

Blue Jackets head coach Todd Richards, who was an assistant coach for the US Olympic Hockey Team is back home. Richards is gearing up for the post-Olympic NHL schedule which starts Thursday for the Blue Jackets, in New Jersey.

The coach talked with WTVN's Joel Riley Tuesday morning about the experience in Russia, the disappointing finish for the US, the unusual feeling of coaching against Team Russia featuring Blue Jackets Sergei Bobrovsky, Fedor Tyutin, Artem Anisimov and Nikita Nikitin, and more. A big thanks to coach Richards for joining Joel for what was a good interview. You can check it out here: