By Matt McCoy


Ohio State wrestler Logan Stieber talks following his NCAA 141-pound weight class title Saturday at the NCAA Championships


Logan Stieber is a stud. Over the weekend the Ohio State redshirt junior won his third consecutive NCAA title, by earning the championship in the 141-pound weight class. His achievement is unprecedented in Buckeye wrestling history. It also made Ohio State Director of Athletics Gene Smith $18,000 richer. 

As Rusty Miller of the Associated Press pointed out when Smith received his contract extension in JanuarySmith receives a bonus of one week of his base salary -- roughly $18,000 -- every time an Ohio State individual athlete or team wins a title. Therefore, under Smith's new deal which was approved by the Board Of Trustees, Stieber's title will mean extra cash for the AD.

Smith is among the highest paid athletic directors in the country and has a base salary of more than $940,000 dollars. With bonuses and incentives written into his new deal he could earn more than $1.5 million a year.