By Matt McCoy

One thing about baseball...they sure do know how to honor their greats.

Last year, at the All-Star game it was retiring Yankee closer Mariano Rivera in the spotlight and Tuesday night it was Derek Jeter. The future Hall of Fame shortstop received several standing ovations as he played in his 14th and final All-Star game and his exit from the game was done with class.

After going 2-for-2 at the plate, Jeter took the field at the start of the fourth inning but before the first pitch, Boston manager John Farrell, in charge of the American League, sent in Chicago's Alexei Ramirez to replace Jeter. It gave the fans and the players on both teams a chance to give Jeter a proper send-off. Check it out...It was well done. 

Jeter Silences Heckler 

Playing for the Yankees, Jeter has had his share of critics and hecklers and while he couldn't hear one guy in particular at the All-Star game, he certainly shut him up.

When Jeter came to bat in the first inning, the fans in Minnesota gave him a rousing ovation and started a "Derek Jeter" chant, which is routinely heard in Yankee Stadium. The chant died down after the first pitch but on the Fox-TV broadcast, one lone voice could be heard. It was a fan who, instead of chanting "Derek Jeter" was shouting "Over-rated." Fittingly, Jeter lined a double to right. Here's the first at bat and listen closely for the heckler.

 But apparently, Major League Baseball wasn't thrilled that the mic picked up the "overrated" heckler. He was heard on the broadcast, and on this video, posted on YouTube. Below is the highlight of the Jeter double that is posted on Interestingly, the "overrated" heckler chant magically disappeared.