By Matt McCoy

Cleveland has Johnny Manziel fever...Or maybe now it's Johnny Cleveland...or Johnny Dawg Pound. Whatever you want to call him, the Browns selection of Manziel with the 22nd pick in the NFL draft Thursday brought about tons of reaction. 

Manziel reacted exactly the way you would have expected him to...He partied...and when Johnny parties, someone with a cellphone captures it and sends it to TMZ. That's our world in 2014. 

Here's some video reaction to Manziel becoming a Brown. First up is the short TMZ video of Manziel with family and friends whooping it up Thursday night/Friday morning.  

The best video however, is number two...a reaction video of Cleveland fans upon the announcement that Manziel is a Brown. Check out the crazy guy in the Eric Metcalf jersey who is literally brought to tears. His name is Phil and it turns out he's the brother of WTVN producer/host Josh Seas. And Finally, a video of Manziel's presser in New York after his pick. It's all good stuff.

Here's the TMZ Manziel party video. I think TMZ may soon open a Cleveland bureau. 


Here's the fan reaction video. Again--keep your eyes Phil...number 21!

And heeerreee's Johnny...after his selection: