By Matt McCoy

After dazzling audiences with innovative halftime performances last football season, Ohio State University Marching Band Director Jon Waters spoke at the University of Akron in May. Waters, of course, was dismissed by Ohio State Thursday for ignoring a what a University investigation called a "sexualized culture" within the band.

The speech was mostly about the "tradition through innovation" philosophy Waters brought to the band and the amazing performances we all saw last year. He even brought a student with him to speak about the use of technology in creating the performances fans witnessed on football Saturdays.

Near the end of the nearly 17 minute speech (at about the 12 minute mark) Waters began talking about the secret ingredients to the bands success. Among the secrets, he spoke of was the student experience. 

"It's so much less about the music and the marching," Waters said. "It's about the student experience."

Of course, he was not referring to the incidents that were outlined in the report but the words were eerie considering what has happened. Even more eerie is he spoke of what he learned from Jim Tressel, who we all know, suffered a similar fate. 

If you're interested, here's Waters speech, posted to YouTube on May 3, 2014.