By Matt McCoy

There are speeches and then there's the address Oklahoma City star Kevin Durant delivered upon receiving the NBA MVP award. 

Durant was overcome with emotion and became choked up on several occasions. The speech was highlighted by an incredible tribute to his mother. 

In an era of an increasing number of "look at me" athletes, Durant's heartfelt address was as classy as it can possibly get. If you missed it, check out these segments. His tribute to his mom, on Mother's Day week, is a must see. It was the end of the speech, but I'm posting it first.

Here's Durant, thanking his family and his mom, whom he called "the real MVP":

Here's the beginning of his speech, which includes a tribute to his veteran teammates. He went through every single player--and had them laughing one minute and crying the next:

And here's Durant, talking about the younger players on the team and the other star on the Thunder, Russell Westbrook. Great stuff by a class act.