By Matt McCoy

I blogged last week about the passing of 8-year old Lacey Holsworth, who died April 8 after battling cancer for more than two years and I wanted to follow up after the celebration of her life Thursday night.

Princess Lacey, as she became known, was the young girl who became a part of the Michigan State basketball family after developing a close relationship with star player Adreian Payne.

In East Lansing Thursday, the Breslin Center was the site of the memorial for the brave and inspirational spirit who died far too young. As detailed in the Detroit News,  some 2,500 Michigan State students, faculty and fans were on hand for an emotional service that included a silent dunk by Payne in Lacey's honor.

A video of Lacey's life was also shown. It ended with Lacey's mother interviewing her daughter. She asked Lacey what she tell other children with cancer.

"Just keep believing in God, keep praying and try to stay strong," Lacey said.  So sad.

This poignant video recapping the service was posted on YouTube.