By Matt McCoy

The Denver Broncos Peyton Manning is not only a terrific quarterback, he delivers a heck of a speech. Manning delivered the valediction address during the University of Virginia's graduation weekend. (Manning's wife attended UVA).

The speech included heavy doses of football, humor, inspiration and advise. If you don't want to listen to the entire address (although if you're a Manning fan, you'll enjoy it) here are some of the highlights.

At about the 2:00 mark, Manning calls up three Virginia graduates so he can throw passes to them. Right after that, at about 4:00, Manning recalls the well known United Way Saturday Night Live skit he did in 2010.  (LINK HERE:

At the 7:50 mark, Manning delivered a funny story about his first appearance as a freshmen at Tennessee. At 13:00 he encourages the new graduates to believe in themselves in their new workplace. The entire speech runs about 20 minutes and is very good. Well done Mr. Manning.