By Matt McCoy

A big league team made a little league play...and a minor league team made a major league one.

The Reds started the second half by being swept by the Yankees and the 3-2 loss Sunday, in particular, was tough to take. With the game tied at 2 and one gone in the bottom of the 9th, Brian McCann of the Yankees hit what looked like, an easy out---a pop up behind first. Instead--it ended up being the game winning hit as first baseman Todd Frazier, second baseman Skip Schumaker and right fielder Jay Bruce all watched it drop. The infield was in, which made it a bit more tricky for Frazier and it was a long run for Bruce...but it's major league should have been caught. Check it out.

Great Catch Versus Clippers

While the Reds showed how NOT to do it, at the Clippers game against Indianapolis, Chase D'Arnaud showed how. D'Arnaud, who plays center field for Indianapolis, climbed over the wall Sunday night and took a home run away from the Clippers Matt Carson. This is as good a catch as you'll see at any level.