By Matt McCoy

The Buckeyes don't play Saturday, but that doesn't mean "The Chase" for a Big Ten and National Title is on hold. 

"The chase is on man, it's real. Our goal is to get to November and be competing for something so absolutely it's on (this weekend)," Meyer said. "You come back five pounds overweight, you act like a jerk over the weekend, you do something wrong, then you're not part of the chase. That person won't be back. That's a bad deal."

Meyer said family time and rest are among the top priorties during the teams weekend off...and not just for the players.

"Coaches the same thing," Meyer said. "It's good for the soul, it's good for your mind to come back refreshed. I've tried (working through the bye weekend) and it doesn't work."

There are several key games that could affect where the Buckeyes end up in the post-season. Ohio State is ranked fourth in the BCS standings. Thursday night No. 3 Oregon visits No. 5 Stanford and No. 6 Baylor hosts Oklahoma. Then Saturday, No. 1 Alabama is home to LSU, a game we will carry on WTVN at 7:30. Meyer said he'll be in front of the TV and will watch them all of those games and evaluate how the Buckeyes stack up.

"I've done that with our staff. Is so and so a better coach than we are? Does so and so have better players than we do and (if so) the question is why," Meyer said. "This is Ohio State. Our expectations are to be the best in the country and obviously we're not there yet or we'd be the best in the country. We're not yet, so we're fighting that right now."

Fickell Interview Story Incorrect

Urban Meyer said the story in the South Florida Sun Sentinel that Luke Fickell interviewed Tuesday for the Florida Atlantic head coaching job was incorrect.

"My wife sent me a text and said did Luke interview (for the job)...He did not interview," Meyer said. "There is absolutely no interviewing going on during this time."

Fickell has been linked to the job because the Florida Atlantic athletic director is Pat Chun, who took the job in July of 2012 after spending 15 years as an athletic administrator at Ohio State.

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