By Matt McCoy

A couple sports related videos have started circulating the last day or of the painful variety...the other of a play I've never seen before. Check them out.


Wiffle Ball Danger

In the Potomac Wiffle Ball League, umpire Hal Ward took a line drive in a painful spot. Ouch. Next time Hal may want to wear a cup.


Walk Off Strikeout?

The Division AA state championship softball game in Montana ended in the most bizarre fashion. A walk-off strikeout. Billings West beat Big Sky 3-2. With the game tied in extra innings, Kendyl Boltz of Billings West struck out but the ball got by the catcher. In an effort to get Boltz out on the dropped third strike, the throw to first was wild. It was the first of three errors on the play that allowed Boltz to circle the bases and win the state title on a strikeout. Crazy play. Check it out.