By Matt McCoy

If you like Ohio Stadium under the lights, get ready to see more of it...and get ready to bundle up. The Big Ten has had a long-standing policy of not allowing night games in the month of November. The weather has always been the concern. Apparently, that's changing as league coaches expressed support of more primetime games--even in November--at the Big Ten meetings in Chicago.

Ohio State President Dr. E. Gordon Gee joined 610 WTVN's Joel Riley Tuesday morning and discussed the potential for more night games Ohio Stadium.

"Our coach has been in favor of that and our athletic director has been in favor of that," Dr. Gee said. "I think we all admit that some of those night games..the Nebraska game last year..was about as exciting and interesting and engaging as you could possibly imagine. I would be less than honest if I didn't note that a national game of the week on night television out of Ohio Stadium would be a wonderful thing for our football program and the University."

Joel went on to ask Dr. Gee specifically about the possibility of the Ohio State-Michigan game, in late November, eventually going to a nighttime kickoff.

"I don't know...I assume that probably it would be (games) earlier in November," Dr. Gee said. "It gets pretty cold, as you know."

But moments later, Dr. Gee opened the door for The Game to eventually be a primetime affair. Joel asked the OSU President about the recent tradition of the Ohio State/Michigan game being a noon kickoff.

"This is a place of tremendous history and tradition but one of the most important traditions we need to have is the tradition of change," Dr. Gee said.  "The world is changing and we need to lead that change not be pulled into it, I think."

Ticket price hike

There's been much chatter among fans about the ticket price increase that is coming to Ohio State. Beginning next year, the cost of a ticket will increase by $9 from 70 to 79 bucks a game. Additionally, 'premier games' will be introduced. In 2013, Wisconsin will be designated as the premier game and that ticket will cost $110.

The Board of Trustees approved the price hike plan earlier this month. It includes the possiblity of multiple premier games down the road as well as increasing the premier game price from $150 to $175.

"We have taken a very careful look at the ticket pricing and want to make certain that we don't raise our prices beyond what is reasonable," Dr. Gee told Joel. "We also want to make certain we're competitive in the Big Ten and beyond. We also want to make certain that we take good care of our fans so it's a clear balancing act...we've done it in a way that I think is very responsible."

That's Dr. Gee's take. Judging by the reaction I've seen and heard on the air, on social media and via e-mail, I think most fans would argue with the terms "reasonable" and "responsible." To listen to his interview with Joel click HERE:


Should Q start?

To listen Basketball Bucksline from Monday 2-11-13 click HERE:

The basketball Buckeyes went 0-2 last week but there's reason to be optimisitic.  So says 610 WTVN basketball analyst and former Ohio State captain Tony White.

We talked about the Buckeyes at length on Bucksline Monday night and Tony says while the losses are not the result Thad Matta and his team wanted, in some ways, it was a good week.

"If I were a senior on this team, I'd be talking a lot of positives right now," Tony said. "This team went on the road against a top five team like Michigan and had them beat. If they would have played their defensive game the last eight minutes of that basketball game, they win. Indiana just beat them but they didn't get blown out completely. Those are positives."

But the biggest postive of the week according to Tony is the play of sophomore LaQuinton Ross. In the two games Ross averaged 13.5 points while shooting 60 percent from the floor.

"When you see LaQuinton Ross take a step forward like he did this week, if I were a player I'd say 'look guys..we learned a lot of great things about ourselves and what we can do and what we're going to become,'" Tony said. He also said he believes the coaching staff should give strong consideration to moving Ross into the starting line-up...most likely in place of Sam Thompson but Tony also would consider moving Lenzelle Smith to the bench with Ross playing in the back-court with Aaron Craft.

"I think you have to think long and hard about it, I really do," Tony said of inserting Ross into the starting five. "The games that we've seen from Sam Thompson and from Lenzelle Smith Jr. have just not been good enough. (The way they've played) is a recipe for Ohio State to lose against good teams. LaQuinton Ross played a heck of a lot better than those two guys did this week."

New recruit

Thad Matta added to the 2014 recruiting class with a commitment from 6'10 high school junior David Bell out of Garfield Heights.

Bell joins Pickerington North's Jae'Sean Tate and Illinois forward Keita Bates-Diop as commits to the Buckeye program.

Bell is averaging 17.3 points, 8.1 rebounds and 4.8 blocked shots. I found a highlight video on YouTube. Take a look.