By Matt McCoy

Poor Amy Gutierrez. She's the field reporter for the San Francisco Giants TV broadcasts on CSN Bay Area. Moments after Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum tossed his no-hitter Wednesday in a 4-0 win over the Padres, Amy G, as she's called, was poised and ready to interview the big hero. She got out one question and Lincecum got out one sound--and the interview was over. Lincecum's Giants teammates doused him with not one...but two ice cold coolers. One with blue Powerade and the other with water. A drenched Lincecum ran down the tunnel, into the clubhouse and never made it back to the interview. If you missed it, check it out.

Box Seat Play-By-Play

Who needs the TV play-by-play announcers when you can get perspective from a fan? Someone named Kyle Wunderli posted this video on YouTube. It's Lincecum's last out, with Wunderli--or whoever was taking the video--giving his own excited call of the historical moment. Great fun...and great seats too.