By Matt McCoy:

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A big thanks to's Jeff Rapp for joining Tony White and me on Basketball Bucksline Monday night. We had several good questions from callers, e-mailers and via Twitter. You can be part of the show every Monday from 7-8 p.m. by calling 821-WTVN or feel free to send a comment or question to You can also tweet me at @MattMcCoyWTVN.

One question we discussed came from Dale in Grandview who asked who Tony White believes is the better Ohio State defensive player, Aaron Craft or Ken Johnson. For those who don't remember Johnson, he finished his career in 2001 with 444 blocked shots...116 more than second place on the Buckeyes all-time list. Here was Tony's take.

"To me it's not even's Aaron Craft. Aaron Craft is the best defender I've ever seen in college basketball, period. One-on-one, help (defense), anticipating things, in transistion, the whole nine yards. The guy is just special...He does some of the subtle parts of the game that just blows my mind. It's not even close, the guy is the best there is period."

Tony on Ken Johnson:

"Ken Johnson was a great shot blocker and he changed the game from a shot blocking perspective but Ken was an off the ball defender. He was a guy who changed shots and blocked shots of other people's guys for the most part and not necessarily his guy. A lot of teams would put a post player on Ken and post him up and take the ball into him because one-on-one he didn't always position himself well...he was sometimes vulnerable to the one-on-one game down low."

Here are Tony's thoughts on some other topics we discussed.

On the OSU 56-53 win over Michigan

"In college basketball these days with the 3-point line, if you're scoring in the 50's and winning, you've won ugly. It's a Wisconsin type of a game. This team just can't score consistantly enough to be able to win games in the 70's and certainly not in the 80's. They're going to have to play games like (Michigan) in 50's or in the 60's. That's where they can have their success."

On the strength of the Big Ten

"It's tough...I mean it's really good. Minnesota is better than I expected them to be...Michigan is better than I expected them to be...Indiana is better than I expected. I thought Indiana would be five good..but they're the best team in the country. Indiana has become a pretty good defensive team this year, married with a team that can score in a lot of different ways. If you asked me today who I thought would win the national championship, I'd say Indiana."

On Ohio State's game Saturday night at Michigan State

"It's winnable (for Ohio State) but this is one of those games where you probably want to hide the kids because it's going to get ugly. Michigan State is struggling offensively. They're not a great offensive team. It's two teams that win through their defense which means you're not going to see a lot of offense. You're going to see some ugly plays back and forth only because both teams right now are playing very good defense."

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