By Matt McCoy

The Browns continue their search for a head coach. According to reports at least six candidates have been interviewed with a seventh, Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer, scheduled to meet with Cleveland officials on Thursday.

I've run into some Buckeye/Browns fans who wonder why Jim Tressel isn't considered. On Wednesday night, Tressel talked about Browns...just not TO the Browns.

In his weekly "Moment with Jim Tressel" segment on WKYC, Channel 3 in Cleveland, anchors Jim Donovan, the Browns play-by-play man and Robin Swoboda talked with Tressel about the Browns coaching search and it was actually somewhat interesting.

It has been reported that Cleveland owner Jim Haslam and CEO Joe Banner have spent seven to nine hours with each candidate. Since Tressel has been in some major interviews, such as Ohio State, Donovan asked the former OSU coach for his opinion on why the Browns interviews last so long.

"A lot of it is personnel discussion but I think the biggest thing is...Do you feel the chemistry? Do you feel like the head coach is going to be able to come in and take the parts that you put together and teach them how to win?,"  Tressel said. "It's a highly competitive world in the NFL and you have to feel like that person can teach you to win and everyone in the building to win and you can't do that in two hours."

The Browns made a run at Oregon coach Chip Kelly and also talked with Penn State's Bill O'Brien. Both college coaches chose to return to their schools. It's now reported that Brian Kelly of Notre Dame has talked with the Philadelphia Eagles. Tressel was asked about the trend of the NFL pursuing college coaches.

"Pete Carroll (Seattle) has done a nice job, Jim Harbaugh (San Fransisco) has done a great job and then there's been one's who have (not worked out)...Lou Holtz lasted a half season (with the Jets), Steve Spurrier (didn't work out in Washington) and those are great coaches, so you have to find the right fit for your particular situation," Tressel said. "Jimmy Haslam, who I have great confidence in, is looking under every rock and Chip Kelly is a winner, I've known Chip for a long time, we've played against him...but he wasn't the right fit."

"This is an important decision. You know Jimmy Haslam's passion. He's going to get it figured out."

I hope the format used this week continues. I've blogged before that this segment with Coach Tressel has a chance if it's more of a discussion. Jim Tressel is a lot of things..a TV reporter is not one of them. The recorded stand-ups he's done in front of a camera don't work. I much prefer a segment like this where he's interviewed about a timely topic by the anchors.

 Worst Defense Ever

I had the photo below e-mailed to me by WTVN news anchor/reporter Matt Bruning. It had the headline "Defensive Fail." The credit goes to The Lima News, which had the photo from Wednesday night's Ohio Northern basketball loss to Heidelberg. It made me chuckle.