By Matt McCoy

Dayton fans partied when their basketball team beat Ohio State...partied harder after the victory over Syracuse...and got out of control following the Flyers win over Stanford.

The Flyers are in the Elite 8, with an 82-72 win over the Cardinal. The moment the final horn sounded Thursday night, the students and fans were on the streets. Dayton Police in riot gear were called in to get control of the crowd. As you'll see in this YouTube video, featuring highlights from various Dayton TV news reports, one reporter was escorted away for her own safety. If the Flyers upset Florida and advance to the Final Four Saturday, police will have their hands full...Be safe Dayton!

Charles Barkley Makes CBS Crew Laugh Hysterically

I really like Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith on the NBA. I'm less of a fan during the NCAA tournament when Clark Kellogg joins them and breaks down games. Clark is the established expert in college basketball and sometimes isn't allowed to share his expertise because of banter between Barkley and Smith.

Having said that, Charles was high comedy Thursday night during CBS' "tweet of the night" segment. Shaquille O'Neal tweeted at Barkley the following:

"Charles Barkley your belly looks tired. You should rest in on the desk."

When Clark pointed out that O'Neal obviously meant to say "you should rest it on the desk," Smith chimed in with "he's not a college graduate."

From there, Barkley took over, doing a Shaq impression and then going on a comedy routine about O'Neal's numerous endorsements. It's pretty funny. If you missed it, check it out.