By Matt McCoy

Dayton was considered a bubble team going into selection Sunday so no matter what, the moment their name appeared, there would have been excitement...but the Flyers not only got in---but they got in to face Ohio State. The reaction was predictably pandemonium. Check it out above. Towards the end, you can see Buckeye transfer Jordan Sibert with a big smile on his face. He goes head to head Thursday against a group of guys who used to be his teammates. 

Tony White on Buckeyes/UD

We had another terrific Bucksline on Monday night with plenty of comments on the Buckeyes Big Ten tournament performance and the upcoming NCAA tournament. Keep those Twitter and e-mail messages coming! I appreciate all the interaction.

610 WTVN basketball analyst Tony White was able to give some good insight on Ohio State's match-up with Dayton. Tony does color commentary for Time Warner Sports and has seen Dayton up close several times the last two years.

"This is not an easy draw for Ohio State. They're a solid team," Tony said of Dayton. "They have good athleticism, they're a very good shooting team and a very good rebounding team and that is a problem for Ohio State...This is a team that is not going to be physically over-matched."

But Tony believes Ohio State has some check marks in its column as well. Most specifically, defense.

"(Dayton) is not going to have nearly as much room to shoot the 3-point shots and the jump shots inside the 3-point line that they've had all year in the A-10," Tony said. "The A-10 is a good conference but there is no defensive team in the Atlantic 10 that compares to Ohio State."

If you missed Bucksline and want to check out the whole show, here it is--commercial free: