By Matt McCoy

Baseball's opening night did not go well for the Los Angeles Angels. Not only did they get smacked by Seattle 10-3 but hitting coach Don Baylor will have surgery Tuesday to help repair a broken femur. 

Baylor, 62, was injured while catching the ceremonial first pitch from former Angels slugger Vladimir Guerrero. 

In terms of gruesome injuries, this isn't at the level of Louisville guard Kevin Ware's from the 2013 NCAA tournament or Joe Theismann's broken leg but it is a little uncomfortable as Baylor twists awkwardly to catch Guerreo's toss. The video is below so if your stomach is extremely squeamish, you may want to skip the viewing.


Worst opening pitches

While what happened to Baylor was far from funny, it's a reminder that ceremonial first pitches don't always go as planned. Here's a collection of the worst first pitch efforts of all time.

Reds fans will remember this one, from Mayor Mark Mallory in 2007. 

Singer Carly Rae Jepsen took her turn in Tampa last year...and it did not go well.

Former Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson, last year, showed why he's a wide receiver now.

And Finally, NBA all-star John Wall seems to have forgotten that bounce passes are for basketball.