By Matt McCoy

I'm definitely showing my age, but I can remember being a student at Ohio State in the mid-80's and paying $32 for my football ticket. No just one game... a season football ticket. Those days are gone.

Columbus Business First reported that Ohio State is now the most expensive place in the country to watch a home football game. The median ticket price for Buckeye games this season is $211. 

It should be noted that the $211 figure takes the secondary market of ticket brokers into account but Ohio State does still lead the country in the cost of a face value ticket. 

Additionally, Ohio State also has the most expensive game in the country. Thanks to premium game pricing and the interest in "The Game," the match-up with the Wolverines this year has a median ticket price of $561....Wow!

Here's a list of the top 10 median ticket prices in college football, courtesy of Business First.

1.   Ohio State $211

2.   Notre Dame $210

3T.  Alabama $200

3T.  Georgia $200

5T.  Nebraska $140

5T.  UCLA $140

7.   Oklahoma $134

8.   LSU $133

9.   Oregon $132

10. Texas A&M $127