Actress Gillian Anderson from The X- Files turns 45

Amanda Bearse who played Marcy on Married with children turns 55

Actor Sam Elliott celebrates his 69th birthday today

Melanie Griffith turns 56

Alan Clayton Hoskins who played Farina in Our Gang TV series

Actor and writer Robert Shaw best known as Quint in Jaws was born on this day in 1927. He died August 28, 1978 at 51

Grateful Dead lead singer and co-founder Jerry Garcia died on this day in 1955. He was a young 53

Actor and tap dancer Gregory Hines died on this day in 1995. He was 53

Actress Sharon Tate wife of director Roman Polanski was murdered along with four other people in her Los Angeles home by followers of Charles Manson on this day in 1969. She was only 26 and was eight months pregnant when she died.

This weekend>>  Saturday, August 10th  Rosanna Arquette is 54   Antonio Banderas is 53

Actress Angie Harmon is celebrating her 41st birthday

R&B singer Ronni Spector former lead singer of The Ronettes turns 70

Singer/Actor Eddie Fisher ex-husband of Debbie Reynolds, Elizabeth Taylor and Connie Stevens was born on this day in 1928. He dies September 22nd 2010 at 82

Singer and Actor Isaac Hayes who had a re-occuring role on The Rockford Files as Gandolph Fitch died on this day in 2008. He was 65

1948, Allen Funts Candid Camera made it's debut on ABC

Sunday, August 11th>>   Former TV talk show host Mike Douglas was born on this day in 1925. He died August 11th, 2006 his 81st birthday

Alex Haley, Author of roots was born on this day in 1921

Actress Clara Peller known for "where's the beef" died on this day in 1987. She was 84

1941, LIFE magazine published a photo of actress Rita Hayworth in a negligee which would become one of the most popular pin-ups of World War Two

1964 The Beatles movie "A hard days night" opened in the U.S.

And in 1966 John Lennon apologized for remarks he made in which he said The Beatles were more popular than Jesus Christ and that Christianity would shrink and vanish