Note: Some of the license plates contain references to offensive language.

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Every single day, the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles has to sort through vanity plate requests. To no surprise, they easily reject thousands each year. What is surprising, however, is what people actually try to get through the watchful eyes of the BMV.

The vanity places cannot contain hate speech, vulgar language, references to obscenities, etc. But, that didn’t stop these people from at least trying to make something out of the seven character combination that fits on a license plate. Here are seven banned vanity plates. But, the list doesn’t stop here.

Click HERE for 46 more banned Ohio vanity plates.

NOTE: Some of these plates contain references to obscenities, offensive language.

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There are 46 more of these! Click HERE for the full photo gallery.


(Info: Ohio BMV)

(Graphics: Ohio BMV / Vince Tornado)