In 2006, a majority (58%) of Michigan residents voted to ban affirmative action within their state’s constitution. To no surprise, this political battle reached the Supreme Court. They’ve finally made their decision. In a 6-to-2 ruling yesterday, the SCOTUS said states can ban the use of affirmative action and not violate the constitution ( To which I say: bravo.

1) Black student enrollment has actually dropped where affirmative action was in place. In 2006, black students made up 7.1% of the students at the University of Michigan. Last year, that number dropped to 4.2% (

2) A total of 67% of Americans say admission to college should be based solely on academic merit. The majority of Hispanics - 59% - also agree. While it’s just shy of the majority, even 44% of African-Americans say affirmative action shouldn’t be used. Just for kicks: it’s 87% for Republicans and 53% for Democrats (

3) Affirmative action and federal diversity quotas are insulting to minorities, treating them as less intelligent and dumb. Back in 2011, the Justice Department demanded Dayton lower the passing grade for the police entrance exam so they could get more black applicants. A similar situation also took place in Virginia (

4) Roughly 15% of Columbus’ firefighters are women or minorities. When it comes to the Columbus Police Department, it’s about 20% ( Mike Coleman isn’t happy about this and has put on the pressure to hire more minorities. My question to the mayor is this: why does it matter? If your family is in an emergency situation, who are you going to call for? A black officer? A female firefighter? Absolutely not. You would want the most qualified person to show up and would not care about their skin color, race, or gender.

5) The dictionary defines equality as the “state of having the same rights” ( Affirmative action is defined as an “effort to promote the rights or progress of other disadvantaged persons” ( In other words, equality is everyone having the same playing field. Affirmative action is giving some sort of extra help to a minority individual on the playing field. Based solely on their definitions, equality and affirmative action do not agree with each other. True equality would be to afford the same opportunities to everyone because skin color or race does not matter.

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