Capuano's Pizza House: 24 S. Township Road, Pataskala, OH 43062.

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After a forgettable and disappointing visit to Plank's last week, the gents and I were really hoping for some good chow this week. We found it at Capuano's in Pataskala (if you take Broad Street straight east or take 161 and go south on 310, you'll find this small place).  

We were the only guys in the joint besides the occasional customer coming in to pick up their order. But, what struck me is that the owner knew the every person when they walked into the restaurant. He didn't ask for a name, he just saw the customer, disappeared into the kitchen, and emerged with the correct order. Very impressive and speaks of the memory of that guy!

Since we had a smaller group, we wanted to get the same variety but with fewer pies. So, we opted to see if we could get half this / half that of their specialty pizzas. We asked the owner and he totally agreed to do that. This was our order: (Meat Lovers / Everything), (BLT / Hawaiian), (Mexican), (Pepperoni), and (BBQ Chicken).

Overall, the pizza was fantastic. The crust had just enough "chewy" to it but still retained enough "crunch" to enjoy. The toppings were fresh and very flavorful. What I liked was the fact that the pepperoni had a unique flavor which is a huge bonus. You can't mess up the pep and call yourself a pizza place, I'm just saying. The BBQ pizza was very "zingy" and had plenty of chicken on top of it. Another bonus! They didn't skimp on the toppings - nor did they lack in flavor. I wanted to eat more but I didn't want to hurl in the parking lot.

We expected a large bill (as it normally is). But, the guy at the front desk gave us a really nice price cut because they experimented with toppings by making the half Meat Lovers / Everything and half BLT / Hawaiian. Totally unexpected gesture on the management's part. (Keep in mind, they did not know we were in the middle of a review. No bribing).

Here's what the other guys thought:

- Jeff: "This place... is close and near and dear to my heart."

- Caleb: "I would definitely come back."

- Steve: "It's a great little family place. They keep it classy like it should be."

- Dan: "You stay classy Capuano's."

Time to speak in numbers, the finally tally:

- Atmosphere: 3.5 (out of 5, unique and felt at home).

- Price: 4.5 (out of 5, good value even at full price).

- Taste: 8.0 (out of 10, no pizza is perfect, but Capuano's rocked it).

- Location: 4.0 (out of 5, not hard but lengthier drive).

- Service: 4.0 (out of 5, well done).

BOTTOM LINE: 24/30 is what Capuano's scored. While a small location, they certainly don't go small on flavor. While some pizzas were better than others, overall it was an excellent variety and taste. Definitely a return visit and worth you trying it out. Love the local atmosphere. Not only are they the "best little pizza house in Pataskala," we'd argue they're one of the best - so far - in the Central Ohio area.