Dewey's Pizza: 1327 W 5th Ave, Columbus, OH 43212.  

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Atmosphere (out of 5): 3.5. It wasn't really warm and had a "corporate" vibe, but it was unique and ultimately not cramped. Easy place to hang and talk even though it was busy.

Price (out of 5): 4.0. It rounded out to about $10 a guy. That's right on target. But, some of the drinks were a little on the pricey side. However, pretty solid value for unique pizza.

Location (out of 5): 3.5. It can be a drive for some folks. But, overall, not a terrible location. Parking availability is good.

Service (out of 5): 5.0. Erin was our waitress' name. She is the absolute best we've had. Drinks never went dry. Funny as all get out. Really made the whole experience memorable.

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Taste (out of 10): 7.5. Dewey's best pizza is probably the Ryan's Inferno with a close second going to the Hawaiian pizza. But, the pepperoni was lacking in my book (Jeff liked it a lot). The Dr. Dre was cool-sounding but lacked a punch. Meatball was solid as we think the meatballs were homemade and the sauce was solid.

Bottom Line: Dewey's Pizza in Grandview earned a respectable 23.5/30 possible points. Atmosphere was decent. Price was on target. Location was a small drive but parking was easy. Service was the best we've had - ever. Taste was good, but lacked in key areas. Would we recommend going to this place? Sure. It's definitely worth another visit or two for sure. Well done, guys!