Hound Dog's Pizza: 2657 North High St.

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So many people have told me about Hound Dog's Pizza. I've heard about it for years. I had recently forgot about the north campus place, however. But, when Alex on Twitter and Jesse on our Facebook page reminded me about it, I was amped for some great pizza.  

The gents and I walked into Hound Dog's just before 9PM on Saturday night. There was no rhyme or reason to the seating. So, we just picked a booth and sat down. The waitress took some time to arrive, but it was all good because she told us that she had to run down some customers who tried to bust out without paying.

Despite it being a loud, busy Saturday night, we got our pizza in surprising time. While it wasn't a disappointing pizza, it lacked the "ka-blam" that most people gave it. Can't shed this feeling that we ordered the wrong thing (we got a large meat lovers with Hound Dog's crust and a large pepperoni/spicy sausage on the Smokin' Joe's crust).

Here's the take away (out of five):
- Atmosphere: 3.5 (unique vibe).
- Price: 2 (like $20 for a large - ouch).
- Taste: 6 (out of 10, not fantastic, not bad).
- Service: 2.5 (the waitress was "unique").
- Location: 2 (small, lame lot behind store).

- Bottom Line: Probably not worth another trip (15.5/30).