The Ohio State Fair: 717 East 17th Avenue, Columbus, OH 43211.

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The mission for us guys of "Columbus By The Slice" is to find the best pizza in Columbus. This week, we took a little diversion and headed to the Ohio State Fair to find the best pizza at the fair. We are six guys and at as much pizza as we could from as many pizza stands as we could. Plus, we had to try some fried stuff as well. So, here's our findings.

1) Pooker's Pizza: Right at the enterance to the ODNR Natural Resource Park. Neat thing about this place - it's named after the family dog (now dead). RIP: Pooker. Now, back to the stromboli the guys got here. Kyle described it as "flatter" and that it had "more spices." Price ran about $7.00.

2) Natale's Pizza: Near the west side of the Ag and Hort Building; east edge of Kiddieland. Nathan got a slice of pizza from here. Said it was just a little bit on the cool side but was impressed with the crust. Toppings looked fresh and didn't seem like they sat out all day.

3) Natale's Stromboli: Near the northwest corner of the Ag and Hort Building. Now, this wasn't straight up pizza, but it was stromboli - basically a pizza rolled up. The average price for a 'boli at the fair is roughly $7.00. This place did a good job of maintaining the meat, cheese, and bread ratio. A good buy.

4) Grandma Lamana's Superboli: Near the Celeste Center concert venu. Kendall got one of these from this stand. About $8.00. Through the chews, he said it was "very meaty" and it was evident that he enjoyed it mightily! A worthy purchase.

5) N&N Pizza: Near the west side of the Ag and Hort Building. This is the cheapest pizza you'll find at the fair. It runs at $2.50 per slice and $3.00 for the sub. In short: you get what you pay for, but it's certainly not bad for fair fare. The price is a plus.

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6) Mr. Pizza: Just north of Kiddieland. Near the "WNCI Food Highway." I got a slice of pizza from here. The crust wasn't top notch, but the toppings were pretty solid. This had some good fair pizza flavor. Price was good as it was $3.00 for once slice of pepperoni.

7) Stonebaked Pizza: Near the Mountain Dew Midway and the Moonraker Ride. This was $3.00 a slice and was a decent average slice of pizza. Crust was a little bland but the main thing here is the toppings. The flavor was really good. Cracker crust was on it.

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