Payne's Pizza: 400 West Central Avenue, Delaware, OH 43015.

Click here to see pics of our visit to Payne's!

This week, we selected a joint in Powell to check out. But, that place closed at 9pm. So, it was a no go after we got Jeff's call with the sad, sad news. Immediately, the other Men's Pizza Coalition members went into action as I piloted the vehicle northward. Jeff was picked up and then we were off to Delaware. Payne's Pizza it was. After what felt like 6 or so fortnights of driving, we made it!

From the moment I opened up my car door, I got a good feeling about this place. Their website says they have other locations, so they have to serve decent pie if they're a small, local chain. The atmosphere was basic and what I would call "no nonsense." Just a simple table-and-chairs layout with a focus on pizza.

We ordered the following: Everything / Pepperoni, Taco, and the "Pig" Pizza. The consensus was the "Taco" pizza was the stand out while others deserved a respectable honorable mention. I thought the crust was unique and had a different consistency to it. I would have to say the "Pig" pizza was my favorite.

Our bill was light (about $9 a guy) and our stomachs had room. So, Jeff decided to investigate a dessert pizza. He came back from the counter and we had a Strudel pizza in the oven! Check out the photo gallery for a picture of it. This thing was thick and sugary! Very solid showing - and it wasn't even on the menu! A hidden special, perhaps?

Overall, a good visit to Payne's Pizza. While they lacked some "pow" to the classic Pepperoni and "Everything" pizza, they still did a good job with the "Taco" and dessert pizza.

Here's what the other guy's said:

- Nathan: "Payne's had one of the best Taco pizzas I've had. The crust was a little thicky."

- Paul: "Place was very simple, laid out. Service was good."

- Jeff: "You have a pizza called the Pig Pizza. I'm down with a place like that."

Here's our numerical take:

- Atmosphere (out of 5): 3.5.

- Price (out of 5): 4.0.

- Taste (out of 5): 7.0.

- Location (out of 5): (out of 5): 3.0.

- Service (out of 5): 4.0.

BOTTOM LINE: 21.5 / 30. From the center of Columbus, it's about a 40-minute drive to Payne's Pizza. Not hard to get to, just awhile to drive. The pizza was pretty decent as the Taco pizza was the star of the show. We would recommend you ask for dessert pizza. Not half bad!