Tristano's Pizzeria: 3306 Columbus St, Grove City, OH 43123.

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Atmosphere: 4.5/5.0. Nice small town; near downtown Grove City.

Location: 3.0/5.0. Bit of a drive. At least 30mins. Small parking lot.

Service: 4.0/5.0. Pretty solid here. Good service.

Price: 4.0/5.0. About $10 guy for some quality stuff.

Taste: 7.5/10. This is a Chicago-style joint. Did a good job of replicating that.

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Bottom Line: 23/30 is the final score for Tristano's. Solid place if you dig Chicago-style pizza. Atmosphere was fun and homey in a small-town kinda way. Location is a bit of a drive and they have a small lot. However, you can park on the street with no trouble. Service was good; nothing to complain about; just a few dry drinks here and there. Price is on target; good quailty stuff for a $10 tab per guy. Taste is solidly above average. Really enjoyed the unique offerings of Tristano's as this is something we do not taste often on our pizza quest. Bravo! Definitely one of my favorites.

*Note: We originally reviewed Tristano's on March 5th. However, a re-do review was in order because we thought they deserved a higher score. Their first score was a 21.5. New score updated to 23/30. Read the orginal review HERE.