1) Of the 30 teams in the NHL, the Blue Jackets are the among the youngest. The oldest is the New Jersey Devils. Their average age is nearly 30. The youngest is the Buffalo Sabres at 26. Your Columbus Blue Jackets have an average age of 26.92 – putting them 21st in NHL team age order (quanthockey.com).

2) Of the 16 teams in the playoffs, the CBJ are the second-youngest. The Tampa Bay Lightning are the youngest with an average age of just over 26 (espn.com).

3) The two youngest members of the Jackets are Boone Jenner and Ryan Murray. They are Canadians and 20-years-old. Think of it this way: they play for a major sport but can’t even legally buy booze! Murray was selected by NHL.com as one of the “ten rookies set to become impact players” in the 2013-2014 season.

4) Six of the Blue Jackets play in front of a crowd that is larger than their hometown. Nationwide Arena holds 18,500 for hockey. Corey Tropp, Boone Jenner, Cam Atkinson, Blake Comeau, Mark Letestu, and Nick Schultz are all from cities that have populations from 15,000-800. In other words, NWA doesn’t even have to sell out for the crowd to be larger than they city those guys were born in.

5) Additional perspective: You could fit the entire population of West Jefferson (4,199), German Village (3,154), Grandview Heights (6,910) and Groveport (5,540) inside Nationwide Arena at the same time with a few seats left over. The cities of Bexley, Whitehall, New Albany, Pickerington, and Worthington could also easily and individually attend their own Blue Jackets game.

6) The Columbus Blue Jackets have played 1,032 games. Let’s do some quick math here: fans have waited 61,920 minutes or 3,715,200 seconds of game time to experience the first CBJ playoff win (hockey-reference.com).

7) When the Blue Jackets hit the ice last Wednesday night, most of the team (13/25) had no playoff experience whatsoever. The others have had some minor playoff exposure at best. The only CBJ member with a Stanley Cup ring is Nathan Horton (espn.com).

8) Since the beginning of the playoffs, Blue Jackets ticket prices have dropped only 4%. As for the Penguins, prices are down a surprising 43%. So, which fan base has more faith and interest? The answer is quite simple (forbes.com).

(Photos: Getty Images).

(Other data provided by the United States Census Bureau, CIA World Factbook).

(Additional data provided by BlueJackets.com).