In 2012, Oklahoma State Representative Mike Ritze donated a monument of the 10 Commandments to be displayed on capitol grounds. To no surprise, several groups sued, but one group took a different kind of action: the Satan worshipers.

A New York-based operation called "Satanic Temple" said that if the 10 Commandments are allowed, then they should be able to erect a monument praising the creature of all things evil.

Several years and a viral $30,000 campaign later, the Satan worshipers have their statue. And they clearly hired a professional to do it.

The part with Baphomet and the two children will eventually be mounted on the block that is below the pentagram and placed on the horizontally for display.

#1: Let's be honest - it's a statue praising Satan. Of course it's going to make you feel a little odd. While I'm typing this it makes me feel a little odd, too. How often do you see something like that? What is up with the kids who have some kind of strange trance on Baphomet? I don't get it. But, what I do get is that the Satanists have a valid point. If a 10 Commandments can be displayed, why not something totally opposite? The answer: the First Amendment guarantees the right to freedom of religion. There is nothing in there that excludes Satan worshipers. Our rights come with the good and bad.

#2: If any religion is allowed to have a display, then what about Festivus, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, and others? State capitol grounds could become so cluttered with other spiritual displays. While I'm not a fan of extremes, it should either be nobody or everybody is allowed. If you were to start determining who should be permitted to have a display, it could easily get into some costly and lengthy court battles. 

#3: If government decided to go down the pathway of deciding which religious group is valid enough for a display, it would a set a precedent that we do not want to have set. Break that down for a moment: a government entity making judgements as to which religious groups are valid or not. Giving them that kind of power would be dangerous for everyone.

As a Christian, I absolutely do not like the display. As an American and believer in the First Ammendment, it should be allowed.

(Photos: Shutterstock, Satanic Temple).

(Additional info: Fox News, Gawker).