published a study ranking the nation’s Bureau of Motor Vehicle offices. Where do you think Ohio lands on that list? First? Dead last?

I'll give you the bad news first. The three states with the worst-ranked BMV's are as follows: Connecticut, South Carolina, and Oregon. Connecticut gets dinged because their in-person customer service is worst. While they have good online service, it's reported the accessibility of South Carolina’s facilities is terrible. Finally, Oregon is ranked last in nearly all categories possible – including price of service and wait times. Believe it or not: Ohio is not among the worst BMV’s.

Now for the good news (drum roll, please)...

Ohio has the overall #1 ranked BMV in the nation. Our online BMV service is ranked number one in the entire United States. However, our worst ranked category is in-person customer service at 24th in the Nation. That still ain’t half bad, right? After Ohio, Illinois and Indiana round out the top three.

A few states didn’t provide enough data, so there are 37 states on the list. Here are the top 10. More at

#1: Ohio.

#2: Illinois.

#3: Indiana.

#4: California.

#5: Alabama.

#6: Colorado.

#7: Louisiana.

#8: New Jersey.

#9: Virginia.

#10: Kansas.

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