Yesterday afternoon, I made a blog post about my dislike of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (read here). It was a post that took me about 20-minutes to write. Well, 66 comments, 155 likes, 1K+ shares, and 5k+ clicks later, I am stunned. I never thought that a brief opinion piece about an ice water movement would be so hot.

It’s necessary to address some of the comments that have been directed at me. Anytime someone asks me a question, I want to respond – even if they ask it in the most disgusting and juvenile way.

Kyle: “You say you want to avoid the "group mentality" yet you post this right as more and more people are posting similar things. You're in a group Vince -- the hard hearted group. My guess is that the people who benefit from this don't much care the reasons why people are giving.”

- VT Reply: Yes, I am in a group. But, not the one you claim. I am in a group of deeper thinkers. Too often, people don’t think for themselves. They follow along just because everyone else is doing it. That is, at the core, the problem with the “ice bucket challenge.” So many people are following along just because everyone else is doing it

Heather says: “Well, I guess I won't challenge you then.”

- VT Reply: You don’t want to see me in a wet t-shirt. Trust me. There is nothing sexy about a wet man with a pre-pubescent body. But hey, maybe that’s your thing. If so, I’m free this weekend.

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Whitney says: “Vince, great article! It looks like you've had an overwhelming amount of people agree with you! Just shut the f-ck up and and shove that mic of yours deep into your anal cavity for all that I ever hear coming from your mouth is directly consistent with air poopies. You're such a negative Norman. People like you are really lame.”

- VT Reply: Hey girl. Love you, too. Call me sometime. 614-821-9886. I’m willing to bet you wouldn’t say that to my face. I mean really, if you’re going to use this kind of vulgarity, at least logically address my argument. Yet, you decide to take the low road and use the exact “air poopies” you accuse me of employing. Stay classy.

Danielle says: “Oh, Vinnie Windstorm. Has anyone told you lately that you are a pompous, arrogant, self-important ass???? If you don't want to do the challenge, don't do it!!!! But you don't need to tell the rest of us that we are stupid if we choose to do it!!!!”

- VT Reply: No, nobody has told me that lately. It’s about time. Thank you. However, really only have one objection here. “Pompous,” “arrogant,” and “self-important” are all redundant. Any who, I do have one question. Where did I ever call the people taking the “ice bucket challenge” stupid? The answer is: I never did. You can object to the actions people take. It doesn’t mean I or you might think they are stupid.


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