My buddy Gavin and I were getting a quick bite to eat at the Wendy's on Bethel Rd. We were at a newer-style Wendy's where they take your name and then announce your name when your order is ready.

Gavin was in front of me, so he placed his order first. He gave his normal name. I, attempting to be funny, told the clerk my name was "Hunky Stud."

A few minutes had passed and we heard: "Gavin, your order is ready." So now I'm thinking my order is up next and it's going to be funny when they announce the name I gave them.

My #2 combo is up. The clerk slides the tray on the counter. He looks down at the receipt for the name and says: "Hunky S-T-D your order is ready... Hunky S-T-D."

Dang did that backfire.