WATCH: Archived video of the April 13th show. Get behind the scenes and hear commentary that didn't make it on air. Hour 1 starts at the 7:48 mark, Hour 2 at 1:07:49, Hour 3 at 2:07:50.

LISTEN: Each of the individual hours below.

VT SHOW 4-13-14, HR1: Columbus Zoo asking for more money, but do they really need it? Let's delve into their financial records and see.

VT SHOW 4-13-14, HR2: The six things you're doing wrong when driving, Cleveland punk steals thousands in seconds, and why you need to change passwords now.

VT SHOW 4-13-14, HR3: Cliven Bundy and the government storming his Nevada ranch, should men pay more for buffets, and a school humiliated non-graduating students.

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