WATCH: Archived video of the April 27th show. Get behind the scenes and hear commentary that didn't make it on air. Hour 1 starts at the 4:52 mark, Hour 2 at 1:05:03, Hour 3 at 2:04:56.

LISTEN: Each of the individual hours below.

VT SHOW 4-27-14, HR1: Most Ohioans don't like Ohio, Donald Sterling is a sickening human being, and is Cliven Bundy racist?

VT SHOW 4-27-14, HR2: Eight things you didn't know about the Blue Jackets, MH370 update, Ohio woman steals from baby's grave, and the IRS is doing ever so wise things with your money.

VT SHOW 4-27-14, HR3: "Under God" is under fire again, new health benefits to coffee, Affirmative action struck down in Michigan, teacher gives 15-year-old kid a sexy birthday present.

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