WATCH: Archived video of the April 27th show. Get behind the scenes and hear commentary that didn't make it on air. Hour 1 starts at the 5:34 mark, Hour 2 at 1:05:41, Hour 3 at 2:05:46.

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BONUS HOUR: Audio starts at 19:20 due to technical error.

LISTEN: Each of the individual hours below.

VT SHOW 5-11-14, HR1: "Johnny Football" is now "Johnny Cleveland," NFL draft makes history, and great cause raffling a massive dream wedding.

VT SHOW 5-11-14, HR2: Gross treatment of NFL cheerleaders and the way you eat fast-food is going to change forever, forever, forever...

VT SHOW 5-11-14, HR3: Satanic statue coming to Oklahoma, "bacon hazing" shuts down sorority, that "organic" you're eating isn't all that organic, and the Tea Party might be dead.

VT SHOW 5-11-14, HR4 (BONUS HOUR): Is the Tea Party dead, nastiest thing women are selling online, NFL draft, and Donald Sterling's girlfriend is becoming a foster mom. (Note: lower audio quality for this hour due to technical difficulty).

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