WATCH: Archived video of the May 25th show. Get behind the scenes and hear commentary that didn't make it on air. Hour 1 starts at the 6:20 mark, Hour 2 at 1:06:22, Hour 3 at 2:06:30.

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BONUS HOUR: Show starts at the 00:24 mark.

LISTEN: Each of the individual hours below.

VT SHOW 5-25-14, HR1: It really isn't a "happy" Memorial Day, death row birds causing issues with inmates, firing squads making a comeback, mom banned from Facebook.

VT SHOW 5-25-14, HR2: 50 Senators send letter asking for Washington Redskins name change, but who is really on the wrong side of history here?

VT SHOW 5-25-14, HR3: Is the "Washington Redskins" name racist, painkiller culture of the NFL, dogs have an amazing ability we're just now learning about.

VT SHOW 5-25-14, HR4 (BONUS HOUR): Guest Chris Long of the Ohio Christian Alliance, being an involved and informed voter, someone stole Josh's Diet Dr. Pepper, and the latest on the VA scandal.

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