WATCH: Archived video of the July 6th show. Get behind the scenes and hear commentary that didn't make it on air. Hour 1 starts at the 00:04 mark, Hour 2 at 59:37, Hour 3 at 1:59:36.

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LISTEN: Each of the individual hours below.

VT SHOW 7-6-14, HR1: Target says "NO" to guns, do you boycott stores that are anti-gun, another divorcing celebrity couple doesn't use word is apparently too good to use the word "divorce." 

VT SHOW 7-6-14, HR2: "Like a girl" insult apparently damaging to kids, Unnecessary Censorship EP2, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, college assignment - don't shave your pits.

VT SHOW 7-6-14, HR3: Shockingly low amount of Americans say the USA is #1, why is that, excellent callers weigh in. 

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