SCOTT GRADY, WTVN PRODUCER: Get that man a pack of Skoal and a 40 of King Cobra - he's on his way to a Trace Adkins concert. Scott is the producer of The PartTimers and other shows on the station.

SEAN ANTHONY, WTVN PRODUCER: Sean is the co-host of The PartTimers and produces a variety of shows here on the radio station. This is when he actually had a mild shred of innocence left in him.

VINCE TORNADO: I did get braces later in life. This was in kindergarten, where I was a part of an "exclusive club" called the "guidance counselor." This was for not doing stuff in groups and I also had to have my chair turned a different direction.

ANDREW MICHAEL, ABC6/FOX28: He's a weatherman, newsman, and ladies man. This guy might be able to predict storms, but there's no predicting the movement of those curly locks. Unfortunately, ladies - I'm seeing strong front of heartbreak moving in, Mr. Michael is a also a married man.