(Photo credit: Thanks to listener Joe C. for the tip and screen shots).

Whoops. At 1:30am this morning, Donatos sent out an email to customers in an attempt to clean up the mess caused by a “fraudulent” coupon.

The email to customers read in part: “You may have received an email from us on Tuesday, July 22 welcoming you to our email club with a coupon for a free pizza. This was a fraudulent coupon that is not valid, yet we have been doing our best to honor this coupon code.”

Classy move by Donatos to honor the coupon code – despite them claiming it was a mistake and “fraudulent.” They went on to say that some of their stores don’t have the supplies to keep up with the free pizza coupon demand. Our partners at ABC 6 WSYX say that the coupon was a part of a past promotion in Cleveland. The company worked through the night to deliver supplies to wiped out stores. The coupon is no longer being redeemed at the stores, however. Thousands of free pizzas were delivered.

Something in my gut tells me this was an employee who messed up. Or, it was some form of miscommunication that caused this screw up. What do you think?