An unidentified 9-year-old boy has given an excellent and inspiring response to a relatively simple math problem.

The question read: "Evan told his class that the people in his family have 14 legs altogether. Quinton said that there must be 7 people in Evan’s family. Is Quinton correct? Explain."

The boy's answer: "Yes, because 14 / 2 = 7 but not everyone has two legs. Go to"

The Wounded Warrior Project is a national organization whose focus is on programs, services, and events for veterans injured in combat operations. 

The boy, who is from New York, began his support three years ago on his sixth birthday. Instead of presents, he asked for donations to be made to the WWP. 

Here's hoping the teacher gave him extra credit for that answer.

(Image courtesy of the Wounded Warrior Project).